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Testimonials: Testimonials

On this particular day, I have been feeling overwhelmed with sadness about the state of the world, depressed that I can do so little, and overwhelmed with the cognitive dissonance of my spiritual paths and the demands of the real world. Listening to your music not only reassured my soul that love still is moving and working in the world... the crystal healing sounds actually helped to relieve my migraine that I have been carrying around for the past two weeks.


Love love love you.


Testimonials: Testimonials

Hari Ram and Sat Kirtin exude such a joyful energy to everyone they meet, one cannot be in their presence without experiencing a noticeable shift in the environment.

Both are so incredibly gifted at tuning into what each soul is needing for their highest good at each and every level… but they have a way that never EVER feels like work… I was in awe of the effortless way their energy alone was so healing.

I have felt such deep gratitude for the enormous gift of having spent an extended time together with them in my home and in my heart.  They brought the world of kundalini yoga to me and taught me new things in a way that felt so completely easy and natural.  Even though they’re masters at a spiritual practice I knew nothing about, I never once felt that I was inferior to them.  They enveloped me in a beautiful field of Love that is difficult to find words for, except that it has the most transformative power of effortlessly dissolving any fears that exist in your mind.

I am on a new path due to my meeting them and I simply cannot recommend them more highly as being the Real Deal as far as genuine healers/teachers of the highest order.  They radiate a strong presence of gentle, unconditional love, yet married with incredible intuition, and intelligence, but, also, a most exquisite playful happiness that feels like you’re back in your childhood without a care in the world.

Sound healing, Kundalini yoga, or just meeting them at all is a fantastic treasure that I cherish immensely, and hold as one of the most sacred soul experiences of my life. I am forever grateful for having had such an amazing gift.


I have been attending sadhana with Sat Kirtin Kaur at Kula Yoga Shala in Jupiter, Florida for the past seven months. It has been an extraordinary experience that has changed my life needless to say. I had already come to the practice with a background in Jyoti Meditation and the teachings of light and sound. What this practice has done for me is to expand my yoga practice to now include kundalini, and thus transformed my life through yoga, and Sikh as integral parts of my spirituality. With Sat Kirtin at the helm, the practice is - I can honestly say - the greatest experience of my life. 


Sat Kirtin is a kindred spirit, with the voice and soul of an angel. She is a master teacher of kundalini yoga, and her dedication to the practice is second to none. During the amrit vela, our souls unite and become one, and the chare in the room is at once explosive and Divine. 

I have had some challenges with the kundalini practice based on my visual impairment, but Sat Kirtin is so attentive, that she always makes sure to clearly describe our postures, and or physical position to me. That added touch along with her again angelic voice and nature have inspired me to literally find my voice during our mantras. 

As if the practice was not beautiful enough, Hari Ram recently joined us at Kula, and now we have live music playing for our sadhana practice. The music that they make together is the perfect synergy of love and light that further transforms the practice to the highest level of spirit. The tone color and timbre of their voices mirrors that of the Guru and disciple, on one accord in perfect harmony. 

The Divine Light in me is grateful to God and the Guru for bringing Sat Kirtin, Hari Ram and the Aquarian Sadhana to my life. All must witness the Truth of what they bring to the practice.



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