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Goodbye Goldie

It's been a while since posting here, yes. Much has happened in the past several months and so I dedicate the next few blogs to catching you all up a bit.

For starters, we sold the bus.

This was a difficult decision at the time, but when the clutch kept going out and even the top VW wizard mechanics of New Mexico couldn't make it work, we sensed our adventures with Goldie were limited. Our "plan" was to head north to British Columbia for the summer and then eventually make our way south, to Mexico in the fall. With a mysterious clutch issue, several mountain passes ahead, an unseasonably cold spring and an uninsulated bus, we tuned into our hearts and realized the best solution for us was to let Goldie go and skip ahead in our itinerary. We donated more of our stuff, further downsizing to what we could carry via air travel and hopped a plane to Chiapas, Mexico.

Our adventures in Goldie were indeed magical as well as mysterious. The 3 months we spent on the road traveling from South Florida to Arizona were filled with pure bliss as well as sheer terror, and everything in between.

Goldie taught us the true meaning of surrender. Challenged us each day to give up our fears and doubts to faith and prayers. Each time we started the bus we chanted the Triple Mantra for protection and each day we experienced miracle after miracle. Goldie was a faithful companion, Rock Star in her own right, our first home together, our teacher and our Golden Chariot of bliss. We are forever grateful for the role she played in our lives, helping us initiate our shared journey together, and put us out on the OPEN ROAD of Life.

Goldie, you will be forever in our hearts <3

Here's to documenting a few of our favorite moments with Goldie, for the record...

Goldie we love you and we thank you.

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