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Goldie has a NEW SiGN!

Our new friend/awesome carpenter & all around cool dude, Brim, helped us make a new sign for the MAGiC BUS! We met Brim by the fire pit, at the Forest Hostel; almost immediately we were talking about our shared love of the open road, living & working from our mobile home. That’s when Brim mentioned placing SiGNS, on his truck!

Coincidentally we were speaking about the very same concept just earlier that day, to bring more attention to our offerings as we travel [careful what you ask for]! Brim had devised a way to make magnetic, removable signs, and soon offered to help us make our own. One day later, here’s what happened...

and the end result....

Thank you, dear brother! ~ for helping us realise a fantasy, and for your free spirited approach to life!

We are eternally grateful.

PS: If you need a sign for your vehicle, be sure to give Brim a call! 

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