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Greetings from the Forest!

Nestled in the forest of Brunswick, Georgia there is a hostel that transcends both time and space. It is a throwback to a bygone era, a time where communal living and compost toilet were the new trend. Where chickens roam freely through the forest, and one can pass the day leisurely without the need to be online or on-call. Both staff and guests are holding space for one another to be free and at ease; to do as they please and simply be. Miraculously, everything gets done. With plenty of time for celebration. Be it preparing a meal, cleaning the kitchen (aka dance party), sitting around a fire sharing poetry and song, skinny dipping in the spring fed lake or taking a hot bath under the starts. We were put up in a cozy rustic cabin suspended on stilts among the trees.

Situated in the heart of the property there lies a geodesic dome. The acoustics in this dome are quite extraordinary. We did our sadhana (daily yoga practice) in the dome and felt inspired to compose and record music there.

As a sonic postcard we wish to share with you what came through along with a video compilation from our sadhana.

You can stream and/or download the audio files from this link:

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