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by Charles Preston

~ Tears are perhaps the clearest evidence of a Divine Presence in our lives.

No doubt the objective scientific mind will draw conclusions based upon brain function, the limbic system, tear ducts, etc. And all of these hypotheses are valid, to a point. Yet they ultimately fail to acknowledge the power/presence of the Holy Spirit!

In my personal experience the most profound moments of healing have brought tears… and often like a flood! Endless streams of warm water pouring down my face, cleansing my eyes.

Symbolically one can recognise that tears wash the eyes clean, allowing us the opportunity to see the world anew, like an infant reborn. When Jesus healed the blind of their affliction what’s truly important for me, is the symbolism. For we are all blind to the Presence of GOD, until that glorious moment when our true sight is restored… and everything changes forever. Heaven is not a place as much as it is a state of consciousness. To see then, with fresh eyes, is to know oneness with all of creation — and through all of the senses.

How many times have you sobbed tears of sorrow, and then the moment comes when the sadness turns to laughter. Have you noticed, how tears appear in both cases? I believe our tears become more sweet & pure as we come closer to GOD. The salty tears are part of the purging process, preparing us for the ultimate Divine Intervention.

Human tears are not of this realm. They gently remind us that we have a Soul, and that we are loved always & forever. And when the deep sobbing occurs for real, this is a Kundalini Awakening moment, as the entire body can go into convulsions — such is the power of the Holy Ghost!

Have you ever convulsed with sobbing? If so,

you know exactly what I’m speaking about. It is potentially a religious experience, when one truly surrenders to the trembling. All kinds of symptoms can appear, including speaking in tongues! Yes, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

To be continued…

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